Noel danced and was active from day one in Saint Louis. Her path led her from Yoga to Pilates to Spinning to TRX. Noel teaches classes based on proper alignment and form, whether it is on the bike, Pilates machine, outdoors or in the yoga room. She focuses a good amount of her work around core stability and strength, incorporates HIIT training and feels a good cross training program is the key to healthy lifestyle.

Her certifications include: Spinning from Mad Dogg Athletics and Schwin, yoga from Power Yoga, Pilates from Fusion Pilates, The Pilates Institute and Balance Body Pilates, TRX Group Training certification, Crosscore180 RBT Certification, HIIT, Core Barre, Core Stabilization, Thai Yoga Therapy, and Nutrition specializing in Gluten free diets. Her passion is to not only to guide individuals towards better fitness, but, to help them gain self confidence and truly find a connection to their body. Using it always as a way to maintain and keep herself up to performance standards, she also realized the passion she held for not only fitness, but helping others. She moved out West in 1997, loves to surf and hangout with her family and 2 awesome dogs.