Tracy is Mighty Pilates’ amazing TRX Program Director. Fitness was always Tracy’s outlet, a way to zone-out and leave the “real world” behind, walk away from the stress for a few hours. It wasn’t until her friends joined in her daily routines, that she realized she was helping others achieve what she had done for herself! Her goal was to not only improve her own personal experience, but to show others that fitness can truly be fun. Tracy believes everyone should dedicate time to themselves – a few hours each week to exercise and bliss-out, and that time should not be a chore: she promises it won’t be in her class!!

Tracy obtained her personal training certification through NAS, as well as her group certification through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). To expand her knowledge and ability in training clients that crave more diversity, Tracy has an additional certification in her absolute favorite workout – TRX. In joining one of Tracy’s bootcamps, you will get results in 5-6 weeks, because you are finally committed and doing something you love! All levels are welcome – from a first timer, someone rehabbing from surgery/injury to the super-athletes.